Zoom Zoom!

May 19, 2008

I finally did it…traded in the Honda and got a 2008 Mazda 3i. They call the color “Sunlight Silver Metallic.” Got a black interior. I’m so relieved! This is one SWEET car!

2008 Mazda 3i

When I was handed the keys, there were 4 miles on the odometer. It’s sooooo comfy! Can hardly feel the road! That was a big gripe (one of many) with the Honda – The Mazda feels like flying above the road rather than being dragged about a foot below its surface, as with the Fit.

Got the Sirius satellite radio thingy too. I don’t know if I want to subscribe to that – it’s another $13/month. Maybe after I win the lottery I’ll get it on my 6-Series. Whatever. That was the only option…everything else was standard – this car was in the lot waiting when we stopped in to have a look-see. I got a great deal for the trade-in and a great finance rate. Topping it all off, the Sirius was a freebie!

May tint the windows later this year and get the plastic thingies that go over the windows…we’ll see. Maybe the gang at Unique can upgrade it.

I just wish I did it last year – would have saved me a lot of headaches.


Dramatic Praire Dog

July 15, 2007

This is too much…


July 11, 2007

Just added a few links on the right side, there.  Yeah, right there. 

I don’t edit this blog very often, but it’s something I’d like to do more.  Anyone out there with something to say can contact me and become a contributor.  Just sayin’.

I’m being attacked!!!

July 8, 2007

This video shows a squirrel attacking my house.  Can you believe this?


May 30, 2007

Just had chili and rice from the deli around the corner.  Damn, that stuff sure is hot. 

How do you train these?

November 5, 2006

Found this linked from engadget.com – microbes that may inspect aircraft for structural damage.  Will the microbes fly off the wing once it gets airborne?  Interesting, but weird, eh?  And just what exactly is agar?

Visit Iran

November 1, 2006

Can you believe this crock?  Gotta sign off now and book my flight!  Hellllooooooo Travelocity!!